• Peter & Lisa dresser

    Senior Pastors

    Pastors Peter and Lisa are the apostolic and prophetic overseers of the body of believers at Metro Detroit Christian Church. They are responsible under Christ to feed the church the word that Jesus is currently speaking from heaven, model a life that is crucified with Christ, raise up and oversee pastors and leaders, protect the church from ungodly and weakening influences, govern Christ the King Classical School, and expand the church into new expressions of the Kingdom of God. 

  • Jon & Heather Aldred

    Pastoral Team Members

    Pastors Jon and Heather Aldred are strong, steady, clear leaders that help anchor the church in Christ. They speak and preach the word of Christ, equip the church to hear Christ’s voice, and activate the church in ministering Christ’s healing power.  

  • Grande Baliad

    Worship Pastor

    Pastor Grande leads a growing community of musicians, singers, and audio and visual technicians that facilitate worship and sound at MDCC. Corporate worship at MDCC is more than just about singing songs -- it is a vehicle for the Body to experience the very power of the blood of Christ, express glorious praise to God, and experience the dynamic in-breaking of God from Heaven. Pastor Grande assures that the worship community members live in integrity with the cross, are equipped in musical excellence, and able to discern the leadership and flow of the Spirit.

  • Ryan Fluetsch

    Pastor of FBSE, Encounter Youth, and Administration

    MDCC works with families to equip children and youth in how to live as ones who have died with Christ, who encounter God through the Scriptures, and who move in the power of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Ryan mobilizes fathers, mothers, teachers and volunteers to oversee this developmental, equipping process from nursery age to the completion of high school. Pastor Ryan also oversees all aspects of administration in the church related to ministry and facility operations.  

  • Shelley Rees

    Christ the King Classical School

    Under the visionary leadership of Pastor Lisa, Pastor Shelley oversees the operations of Christ the King (CTK) Classical School. CTK is a cooperative home and church school functioning under the authority of Christ in His Body. Through CTK, MDCC has embraced educational reform: to form children in Christ; to frame their thinking in a biblical worldview; to fashion them by the power of God’s invading Kingdom; to fully educate them in history, arts, music, literature, writing, mathematics and science; and to ready them to be Kingdom leaders that establish righteousness in society.