• Sunday church Services

    In-Person and online at 10:30 a.m.

    Join us as we gather together in-person Sunday mornings in this month at 10:30AM. We welcome you to visit us in-person or online here.

  • Church Picnic & baptism at bishop lake, brighton mi

    Saturday, september 3 from 1PM-5PM

    Reserve September 3rd on your calendar for the MDCC Church picnic at Bishop Lake in Brighton Michigan! Join us for an afternoon of powerful baptisms, a connection-filled picnic, beach play, and a competitive round of volleyball as a Church Body.


    MDCC picnics are special times to connect with the Body, and to experience the presence of the Lord, as we play and relax together. After the power-filled baptism service, we will enjoy a pot-luck picnic, swimming, sports and games, topped off by a deluxe ice cream buffet. Be sure to join us! 

    Location - Trillium Shelter, Bishop Lake, Brighton Michigan

    MDCC will gather at the Trillium Shelter close to the Brighton Beach Restrooms at 1pm to officially begin our picnic. See the information below for the park address and schedule of events. Want to help at the picnic? Volunteer here!

    Being a state park on a holiday weekend, we encourage you to come early and enjoy all that the park has to offer - swimming, fishing, walking trails, kayaking rentals, GaGa Ball, and sand volleyball. Be sure to note if you do not have a Michigan Recreation Passport be prepared to pay $10 to enter the park.


    If you have a desire to be baptized, please submit your baptism request to the pastoral team and a MDCC Pastor will be in touch with you.

    Splash/Jump Island Passes for FBSE & Encounter

    MDCC will be sponsoring a 45 minute session for FBSE children and Encounter youth on Splash & Jump Island! While MDCC will be providing a pass for those registered, parents will maintain all appropriate oversight while they play on Splash Island or Jump Island. 

    Important Details

    • Life Vests - All those registered will be required to wear a life vest while on Splash Island / Jump Island. Lifeguards will also be on duty.
    • Height Requirement - The park uses height requirements to determine who is able to play on Splash Island or Jump Island: Splash Island - 44-47 inches tall | Jump Island - 48 inches or taller. Those under 44 inches will not be able to participate.
    • Waiver - Jump Island also requires a waiver to be completed for each child or youth. Please complete the waiver and bring with you to the MDCC Church Picnic. We will not be collecting them prior to the church picnic.

    Register your child(ren) or youth now to reserve a pass for Splash/Jump Island! All must be registered prior to August 31st.

    2022 MDCC Sand Volleyball Tournament

    Be sure to sign up for the 2022 MDCC Sand Volleyball tournament! Participants must be 15+, but any skill level is welcome.


    Bishop Lake Address

    5426 Bishop Lake Rd., Brighton, MI

    See on Google Maps

    Bishop Lake DNR Information Page

    Park Entrance Fee

    If you do not have a Michigan Recreation Passport there will be a $10 fee to enter the park.

    Park Facilities

    • Men's & Women/s Restrooms
    • Running Water
    • No Ice Provided

    Baptism Request

    Submit your request to be baptized here.

    Splash/Jump Island Registration

    Register your child(ren) or youth here.

    Sand Volleyball Tournament

    Sign up to play in the volleyball tournament here.

    Schedule of Events

    1:00 p.m. Arrive at Bishop Lake

    1:25 p.m. Gather for Baptism Service

    1:30 p.m. Baptism Service

    2:00 p.m. Grilling and eating

    3:00 p.m. Play - Volleyball/Jump Island

    4:00 p.m. Ice cream

    5:00 p.m. Packing up and heading home

    What to Bring

    • One dish to pass, plus serving utensils, that feeds 10 people 
    • Meat to grill
    • Additional needed food for you or your family
    • Your own plates, cups, drinks and ice, disposable utensils
    • Lawn chairs or a picnic blanket
    • Clothing for swimming or playing sports
    • Sun protection

    Want to help at the picnic? 

    Volunteer here!

  • Family legacy conference with randy & lesli bixby

    september 23 - 25

    "Whoever wins the family, wins the culture in the end."

    -- Randy Bixby

    The breakdown of the family in America is contributing to the collapse of the culture. But God is moving to restore families to His original design -- and reshape culture from the inside out! The Family LegacyConference is a fun, interactive, and powerful 12-hour equipping event where you and your family will... 

    • HAVE AN ENCOUNTER WITH GOD, THE FATHER OF FAMILY LEGACY. Your family will hear from God; experience healing from past pain, conflict, and misunderstanding; be transformed in how you think; understand your family's unique design from God; and gain clarity of how to do family and grow toward your family destiny. Your children will receive a model to do the same for their families -- establishing your Family Legacy! 
    • RECEIVE A PLAN TO DO FAMILY AS GOD DESIGNED. You and your family will come away with an in depth understanding of how to build your Family Legacy by following six essential practices. 
    • GAIN TOOLS TO WORK THE PLAN. You will have an experience of select modules and tools and be equipped to use them as you lead your family, live your legacy and shape culture.


    • Friday, September 23: 6:30pm - 9pm
    • Saturday, September 24: 8:30am - 12:30pm; 1:30pm - 5:30pm; 7:30pm - 9:30pm
    • Sunday, September 25: 10:30 am


    • Saturday Lunch. Bring your own picnic lunch to eat on the church grounds. Church refrigerators or kitchen will not be available for meal preparation. Please bring your own coolers. 
    • Saturday Dinner. Conference breaks for dinner. Eat at a local restaurant or make other arrangements. 


    • Singles: $75. Singles are encouraged to attend. Get a model for your future family. 
    • Couple or family unit: $125. Children 12 and older are encouraged to participate. Parents with adult children are also encouraged to attend to gain wisdom to strengthen your extended familyconnection and legacy.
    • Offering: To keep the conference accessible for every MDCC family, we have reduced the cost from the full fee of $200 -- recognizing that there will be some people who want to contribute more to help make it easier for every MDCC family to attend. Consider an offering over and above your registration fee to bless another MDCC family. 
    • Scholarship. Please request a scholarship by emailing or speaking with Ps Ryan Fluetsch, if you are unable to meet the registration fee requirement. We don't want ANY family to miss out.


    • To register online: CLICK HERE
    • To register by mail: Make checks payable to "Metro Detroit Christian Church" and mail to Metro Detroit Christian Church, 6655 Middlebelt, West Bloomfield, MI 48322. Include name of each family member as well as email, phone, and address of the head of household. 
    • Registration deadline: August 19, 2022
    • Children. Children ages 12 and above are encouraged to participate in the Family LegacyConference. Please contact Ps Ryan to discern if your mature 10 or 11-year old can participate. 
    • Child care. There will be NO child care. Please arrange to have your younger children watched the entire weekend. 
    • Need more information? Call 248-562-7998 or email

    Conference Equippers

    Randy Bixby is a speaker, author, success coach, and trainer specializing in leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, spiritual formation, and team building. His passion is to transform lives and shape culture from the inside-out by building families, businesses, and communities. Randy’s experience includes being an all-star athlete, a pastor, a national denomination executive, a legislative chaplain, and founder and president of Character Genetics and Cultural Architects.

    Lesli Lamb-Bixby is a powerful woman who carries a "mama heart" that brings healing, encouragement, and purpose to all she encounters. She is a full partner in Cultural Architects, a certified life coach, and co-facilitates much of the training with Randy.