Your worldview interprets the way you see reality, live your life and relate to people, finances, family, problems, the economy, education, politics, and more. It really matters. 

At MDCC we see all of life through the revelation of the Kingdom of God and the gospel of Christ unveiled in the Scriptures, the Bible. God is a holy, loving, powerful, full-of-authority Father who is present everywhere, and intricately involved in the affairs of men. He is highly relational and wants to be known. Through His Son, Jesus -- His virgin birth, sinless life, death on the cross, resurrection, ascension into heaven, and appearing from heaven to earth -- God saves men from the power of sin and eternal punishment and establishes His Kingdom in the midst of a fallen world. Jesus Christ is the King and Lord over every nation, every people group, and every individual. His gospel calls the whole world into accountability as the only escape from the judgment for sin and the only entrance into the righteousness of God and full salvation. His power is changing individual lives as well as nations.  

Read on to find out more about our worldview. . .

  • the cross

    The cross is God the Father’s heart and plan for a world gone wrong—to bring everyone and everything back into union with Himself and to establish His reign of righteousness, peace, and joy. 

    “God went for the jugular when he sent his own Son. He didn't deal with the problem as something remote and unimportant. In his Son, Jesus, he personally took on the human condition, entered the disordered mess of struggling humanity in order to set it right once and for all.” (Romans 8:3-4, The Message) 

    Jesus’ death and resurrection is more than a concept or doctrine to us. It is our daily bread and our drink. It is the power of God that we experience with joy. It is the love of God in which we revel. It is the truth of God about which we talk. It is the deliverance of God from our sin nature and its destructive influences in our personalities and relationships. It is the salvation of God giving us a new righteous nature. It is the victory of God over Satan that gives us authority. It is the wisdom of God for the creation of a new nation. It is the means by which God established His Kingdom on earth. And the cross is much more than what we’ve yet discovered.

  • The Holy Spirit

    We take seriously Jesus’ mandate to baptize people into the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God wants our lives immersed in an experience of Him as the Father, as the Son, and as the Holy Spirit.  

    The Holy Spirit has been sent to us from the Father and the Son to be our comforter, teacher, and counselor. He moves like the wind, burns like fire, and influences us like wine. He brings the tangible Presence of God to us and ministers the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  

    The Kingdom of God is in the Holy Spirit and He is Sovereign. Therefore, we submit to His leadership in the church and let Him move…even if it disrupts our timetables or good plans. 

  • worship

    The Father is looking for worshipers. Jesus died to create a nation of worshipers. We have embraced the call to worship; it is our joy, our identity, and our #1 priority.  

    Every week we gather as one around the throne of God to experience God’s presence, enjoy the freedom from sin that Jesus’ blood makes possible, and to hear what the Spirit is saying. In worship we acknowledge the greatness of God and proclaim that our life revolves around Him as King — not us. Out of worship, God moves in dynamic ways, angels are released, and the Kingdom of God advances in its influence in our lives and region.  

    Our worship is joyful, expressive, free, holy, loud, quiet, intimate, musical, percussive, creative, prophetic, inter-generational, and glorious. To Him be glory in the church now and forever.  

  • the bible

    The Bible is the only book on the planet that was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s plan for man. Its ultimate purpose is to lead us into spiritual encounters with Christ — Who is the fulfillment of God’s plan, Who is the Word of God, Who is the Fulfillment of all things. The Holy Spirit unveils Christ to us on every page of the Bible — from Genesis to Revelation — and brings us into life-changing encounters with the God of the Bible. 

    We love the Word of God, meditate on it, study it, teach it to our children, live by it.

  • family

    God’s original mandate for humanity — to be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion — was given to a man and a woman in covenant relationship. Marriage and the family are foundational to an authentic expression of the Kingdom of God on earth. The breakdown of marriages, of sexual identity, of healthy parenting, and of loving, joyful family life is destructive to society.

    We minister in the power of Jesus’ death and resurrection for the restoration of men and women, loving marriage, strong fatherhood and motherhood, and children and teens living in harmony with their parents.  

    We will see the Kingdom of God increase into the next generation and give high priority to equipping our children and youth in the Word and the Spirit. 

  • the church

    The church is important. It is the body of Christ into which God has deposited His complete inheritance. 

    On the cross, God placed us into Christ. Our independent and selfish nature was destroyed in Jesus’ death and we were raised up a new corporate man — one body with many members. As each member receives from the Head, Christ, we organically and mysteriously function as His body. As we love one another, God lives in us. 

    Being a part of a church is not just paper membership, attending meetings, or fulfilling a religious duty. Being a part of a church grows from an organic connection with Christ where HE places you in connection with other members of His body — as He wants. (1 Corinthians 12:18) These connections are vital and steward the anointing that is on the risen Christ for our mutual encouragement and edification. 

    Being a part of church grows out of a common hearing of the voice of the Lord and following Him together as He fulfills His promises to us, our families, our region, and the world. (Hebrews 3-4) 

    So, first and foremost, experience and hold onto Christ. Then join in, participate, raise your hands, experience the anointing of Christ, release the power, receive love, express love, take in the word, share your revelations, give your money, be blessed by others, serve in practical ways, express your gifts, take the Kingdom power of Christ to the world. We are the body of Jesus.

  • prophetic

    The Father crucified and raised us in His Son so the barrier of sin would be removed from our beings, to impart holiness in our spirits, and to awaken our spiritual senses to see and hear Him. Jesus died to make us all “prophetic” — make us people that see and hear God on a daily basis and share with others the word of God for their exhortation and encouragement. The word of God on our lips is what builds up the body and advances the Kingdom.  

    Being “prophetic” is central to our experience of the Kingdom of God and the testimony of Jesus — enabling us to perceive the throne of God, access the blood of Jesus, experience the River of God, recognize the activity of angels, dwell in heavenly places, and more. Being “prophetic” is central to the expression of the Kingdom of God -- enabling us to proclaim the gospel, set captives free, and advance in the purposes of God. 

    “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Revelation 2:7) 

    “And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness.” (Acts 4:31)

    “Then the word of God spread, and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly.” (Acts 6:7)

  • ministry in the power of the spirit

    Jesus ministered the Kingdom of God to those who were sick, broken, demonized, oppressed, and poor. Healing, signs, wonders, miracles, provision, multiplication, and more flowed through Him.

    As His body on earth, the church has been given the gifts of the Spirit—tongues, prophecy, miracles, wisdom, knowledge, discernment, healing, and more—to minister the presence of the Kingdom just as Jesus did.  

    We seek to minister in the power of the Spirit in our services and wherever we go. 

  • Making disciples and the Kingdom of God

    Jesus was sent to the earth by the Father. Paul was sent on missions by the Holy Spirit. Jesus is sending us into the world to make disciples of Jesus Christ -- to form men and women who live by the power source of the cross, who encounter the living God and hearing His voice in the Scriptures, who obey everything Jesus commands, and who are sent into every domain of culture with power over the demonic realm and with authority to establish the Kingdom of God.