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Forming Christ within for life-long growth in authority

The School of Formation immerses students into intensive environment of growth and discipleship for eight months — including classes of instruction, impartation from spiritual leaders (apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers), one-on-one mentoring, fellowship with other students, times of worship and prayer in the Spirit, homework assignments, and personal studying. During these eight months, Christ forms Himself within, transforming a student’s inner life, healing their heart, and building internal structures for life-long growth in spiritual authority. 

The School teaches students how to be functioning members of Christ's overcoming church, equips them in effective communicating and relating, gives them a Biblical worldview, and prepares them for higher education, skilled trades training, or career placement as a “son of the Kingdom.”  

Students must be disciples of Christ — men and women who have internalized Jesus’ call to follow Him, have chosen to live every day in the power of His cross, have submitted to Christ’s headship in the church, and are desiring to be integrated with the invading Kingdom of God in the earth. They have chosen to be accountable to the pastors and leaders at Metro Detroit Christian Church (during the eight months of the School) who provide a safe and sacrificial environment of love, encouragement, and authority. 

The School’s content is biblical, Spirit-filled, and centered in Christ, and includes:

  • Jesus Christ and the power of the cross
  • Kingdom mandate
  • How to be mentored
  • Writing
  • Public speaking
  • Interpersonal communication and understanding life languages
  • Old Testament survey
  • How to study the Bible and encounter Christ
  • Biblical worldview
  • God’s design (male/female, singles, finding a spouse, marriage)
  • Hearing God’s voice and  moving in prophecy
  • David’s Tent worship
  • Decorum
  • Life management (time, money, body)
  • Individual discipleship for maturity
  • Individual consultation for higher education or career next steps

Preparing sons of the Kingdom for cultural transformation

The mission of the School of Formation flows out of the Father and the Son’s work in preparing and strategically placing “sons of the Kingdom” in the world. In Matthew 13, Mark 4, and Luke 8 the biographers of Jesus record some of His parables and teachings that unveil how God is  manifesting His Kingdom on earth. 

  • God the Father sows the all-powerful but often misunderstood or neglected word of the kingdom into men’s and women’s hearts. 
  • Sons receive this seed of the Word of God at the deepest place of their identity. Even when they are tempted by the cares of the world or the deceitfulness of wealth — even when they receive all sorts of problems and persecution because of the word — sons of the kingdom hold onto the Word with all patience and long suffering. The term “sons” refers not to gender, but to both women and men who are the offspring of the Heavenly Father with a destiny in to be prepared and strategically placed by the Son of Man, the Ruler of the nations. 
  • Jesus sows sons and daughters of the Kingdom into the field of the world, places in culture that are also occupied by sons of the wicked one.
  • At the time of harvest, the Son of Man sends out His angels to remove lawless people out of His kingdom and to establish the righteous.

While the dynamics described by Jesus in His Kingdom parables refer to the final, great second coming of Christ, they also have present-day application when “the Kingdom of God is at hand” and “the ends of the ages” have come upon the church (Mark 1:15; 1 Corinthians 10:11).  The preparation and strategic placement of sons of the Kingdom are God’s means to transform families, churches, neighborhoods, organizations, cities, and nations. 

Take a gap-year or a post-grad year for Kingdom preparation

The School of Formation is designed for young adults who have a deep desire to see their future integrated with the coming Kingdom of God — and are willing to devote eight months to Kingdom formation as part of their career and life preparation process.

The School is most fruitful in the life of a young adult who has…

  • graduated from high school and already has a year or two of higher education, skills training, or life experience at a job
  • graduated from college or skills training and is looking for a deep grounding in the Kingdom before immersing herself or himself into a career or full-time employment

It is not possible to participate in the School of Formation and also carry a full academic load at a college or university.   Best to take a gap-year and complete one’s education after the School of Formation.  It is possible to have a part-time job (under 20 hours/week) during the School of Formation, but this would make for an extremely full schedule which a young adult must be fully aware.  

How do you know if MDCC’s School of Formation is right for you? 

Applicants should…

  • Be called by Jesus Himself
  • Embrace Jesus’ high standards of discipleship — receiving His death for the destruction of selfishness and as a power-source for daily living
  • Desire to be formed as a son of the Kingdom and be strategically placed by Christ in the world for cultural transformation in their sphere
  • Respect the role and mission of the church and have an honorable and submissive attitude toward church pastors
  • Be ready to engage in the hard work of 16 hours of in-class equipping, training and mentoring and 16-20 hours of personal study and engagement
  • Be between the ages of 20 and 30

MDCC Pastors will meet with you to help you discern if the School of Formation is the right equipping context for your next phase of development in the Kingdom of God.

Schedule and time commitments

  • Two full eight-hour days a week (days to be determined)
  • Light participation in an MDCC small group twice per month
  • Weekly participation in MDCC Sunday service
  • Approximately 16–20 hours of study time outside of class


  • $2800, includes registration, one meal per week, and books


  • If you are from another state or country and would like to rent a room in a loving family's home or in a house with other SOF students, request more details by emailing us at

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