CTK 2021 - 2022 School year registration Information

A LETTER from Pastor shelley

Dear Parents,

The past eight years have taken us from four students to well over fifty. That count doesn’t include the seventeen babies filling our nursery! The signs of growth and multiplication are everywhere, but numbers aren’t the only indicator of growth. Our students are growing up and increasing in knowledge, wisdom, and character. Those who were with us in the beginning have gone from non-readers to prolific writers, avid readers, and expressive communicators.   Needless to say, we are delighted!  

Growth is a dynamic of the Kingdom of God. We know the Kingdom is present when we see everything multiplying.   Christ, our King, is leading us and bringing expansion at every turn. We’ve learned to stay in the wake of His leadership so we remain in a fruitful place. This has required us to let go of familiar educational structures (even good ones!) and receive the new. And to be perfectly honest, that’s often tough to do. Well, all I can say about that is, “Thank you, Jesus!  We’ve tasted and seen your way, and it is good.”  

We’ve seen His goodness as we witness our country fall into chaos and confusion. Surrounding us are clashing messages and mandates. Schools are in chaos; businesses are in stress; and many are oppressed.  Yet, tucked away in the east wing of Metro Detroit Christian Church, is a thriving, stable environment of learning, connection, worship, and maturity. Yes, we are happy. Christ is exerting all authority over our little homeschool co-op, and we are in peace. This is good. 

So now we forge ahead into another year of new --new students, new ways, new growth, new stature, and new goodness. If you’re interested in us, please read our Online Handbook. This will help you get to know our ways.  You may also want to look around MDCC’s website and familiarize yourself with the vision and culture of our church. CTK is a ministry of MDCC and therefore walks, talks, and thinks like MDCC. If that all resonates with you, then fill out an application to register.  We’d love to see some new faces among us!

Pastor Shelley

Head of CTK

Registration & Handbook Information

Registration Dates: Now open to the community from June 27th - July 25th. 

Please complete this initial application to indicate your interest in your child being enrolled in CTK.

Click here to access the 2021 -2022 Handbook.

For any questions regarding CTK Registration or the CTK Handbook, please email Christ the King or call 248.562.7998 and leave a message with your name,  phone number, & your question.