About CTK

Christ the King Classical Homeschool is a PreK-12, cooperative hybrid program that is a direct ministry and outreach of Metro Detroit Christian Church (MDCC) and Pastors Peter and Lisa Dresser. With parents and volunteers serving as teachers and assistants, students receive their education in a program that blends classroom instruction with home-based learning. Our academic structure is built on the classical trivium of developmental learning. Classes meet twice a week at the MDCC campus in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Assignments and additional instruction are completed at home the other days of the week.

The Beginning

The beginnings of CTK go back several years where it was first born in a vision. For many years, Pastor Lisa Dresser carried a God-given vision for a school that was fully integrated with the mission of Education Reformation. Pastor Lisa would talk about it openly, encouraging others to believe for it with her. Occasionally, she would share how she stayed up into the late hours of the night with a sharpened pencil and a yellow notepad attempting to sketch out the plan for this school, hoping with her notes and calculations the strategy might unfold. Those efforts did not produce the plan; but undeterred, her persistent prayers continued. She believed God would bring it about. And sure enough, at just the right time, He did!

At an afternoon tea between friends, suddenly and unexpectedly the plan for CTK was hatched. In the fall of 2013, beginning with only four kindergarten students and a handful of mothers, Pastor Lisa’s vision became substance in the form of a homeschool umbrella cooperative. Christ the King Homeschool was established, and each year since, we have continued to multiply. Now we are in our eighth year with over 50 students. Our handful of mothers has now become an army of parents and volunteers who enthusiastically give their time, energy, and talents to serve our vision and goals.

CTK Leadership

Founder and Superintendent | Pastor Lisa Dresser

Head of Homeschool | Pastor Shelley Rees

Board Members

  • Pastor Lisa Dresser
  • Pastor Shelley Rees
  • Darcie Rees
  • Nicole Kauffman
  • Muriel Tarnawsky
  • Melissa Danner
  • Myra Ulmer
  • Katie Guerin
  • Brad Gulock
  • Megan Fluetsch

Academic Stream Leaders:

  • Language Arts | Darcie Rees
  • Science | Nicole Kauffman
  • Fine Arts & Electives | Melissa Danner
  • History | Muriel Tarnawsky
  • Emerging Learners | Myra Ulmer

Professional Development Coordinator | Katie Guerin

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