Fall 2023 Cross Immersion | The Incoming
Word from Heaven

God is speaking. And The Cross Immersion will be a “Day of Hearing.” Those who attend will hear:

  • the Message of the Cross —incoming communication from heaven sent in real time to save, heal, deliver, correct, bless, nurture, mature, and build
  • the Word of the Truth undoing lies and deceit embedded in the psyche
  • the Word of God shaking cultural, demonic values that are causing people to veer from the Creator and a godly gender identity
  • the Sword of the Lord cutting off a person’s old self with all its trauma, rebellion, and dysfunction
  • the Glorious Gospel anchoring a man’s or woman's personality in Christ -- making all things new
  • the Voice of Prophecy putting dead bones together to form the Body of Christ, a mighty army and the dwelling place of God on earth

Come receive the too-good-to-be-true message and experience of Jesus’ death and resurrection for the first time — or as if it’s the first time. This all-day experience is not a seminar or a conference. This day of Spirit-filled worship, inspiring testimonies, fresh preaching, and powerful ministry is an overwhelming baptism into Christ — a gathering of His Body to receive an outpouring direct from Jesus in heaven. Come and be transformed.