At the end of 2017, God gave MDCC and the church of metro Detroit 50 Days of Life Unusual and gave us His Pentecost breakthrough on December 31st to ready us for His work in 2018. 

The Spirit spoke to the church on that Sunday night and told us things to come — which is one of His ministries according to John 16:13. Hearing and aligning to what the Spirit says to the church is our responsibility — according to Jesus’ exhortation in Revelation 2 and 3 — and the key to overcoming. So the best way we live this new year is to take the words that the Spirit spoke on December 31st and as Jesus commanded: “Let these words sink down into your ears.” (Luke 9:44) Keep this prophetic word from Pastor Lisa fresh throughout 2018 and it will position you for a year of overcoming.


A prophetic word to the church in metro Detroit about 2018

Pastor Lisa Dresser, December 31, 2017

2018 is a perilous year. I see a gap growing. I hear the Holy Spirit groaning. I hear Him even now striving with you to hear these words as HIS WORD of warning and encouragement. I plead with you not take these words lightly. Not to look at the vessel and discount the word — but to hear the word of the Lord. 

2018 is a year where the gap will become wider between those who are dull of heart, ear and eye and those who are alert, attentive, and activated by the Word of the Lord. It is a year of a closing of the way and an opening of a way. Access to those who continue to walk in dullness will begin closing. 

2018 is a year where the those who do not actively, intensely turn from dullness will get duller, more vague, more confused, more entrenched in words without power. The unrepentant will be less able to respond because of weight of dullness. They will wallow in fear and shame when strong words of command or exhortation are given — rather than being empowered and energized. 

2018 is a year where those who do not actively and intensely turn from the idol of independence will become more aloof, more distant, more disengaged, entrenched in evaluating and and elitism, and less able to actually come out of the thought realm and into real engagement than in 2017. This is a year of the widening of the gap. 

2018 is a year where some will not repent and the need for repentance, the call for repentance, will become so dull that it can no longer be heard — it will not be tolerated. And the love of some will grow cold. They will be enveloped by the culture and distance themselves. 

However — 2018 Is a year where many will repent, come out of hiding, leave behind the demonic stronghold of perfectionism/shame and run into sonship. 

2018 is a year where those who run into sonship will be released from the strongholds that bind the American church/Pharisee culture. They will run out of a place of the piling up of insight without power and into the KINGDOM of God which is not about talk but about power! 

2018 is a year where many of you will discover your father. You will find your father and your grandfather in the Body and begin to be formed by multiple generations. (Aside — you need to know that your father may be a woman!) 

It is a year that true sons will no longer be aloof, sit back and evaluate the word of the Lord. But they will ask for/beg for rebuke — a year where true sons’ ears will perk when the father speaks. They will be attentive, hang on every word from their father knowing that their father’s word will form them, creating within them boundaries of protection — cutting of years of wandering in the wilderness. 

2018 is a year where the fear of following will be broken. You will be free to imitate — to follow your father as he follows Christ. 

2018 is a year where the immaturity of independence — the needing to find your own way, do it on your own, do something different than the mainstream will be left behind as a childish thing. It is a year that you will say — “In the past I thought as a child, I spoke as a child, was afraid to follow like a child. I pursued childish things, but I NOW have put away childish things. NOW in 2018 I step into manhood and follow without fear.”

2018 is a year where you will grow in maturity. You will not think of yourself more highly than you ought — but will think with sober judgement accurately discerning the difference between having an insight or revelation and having the true stature of authentic authority in your life. This stature that comes from purity, from day to day victory, and consistency. 

You will know this difference in 2018. And you will accurately see yourself in both strength and weakness without pride or shame. You will walk completely in the light. You will not return to patterns of shame, cover up, performance and hiding — but you will stand strong in the light without fear, knowing that your secrets, your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities are already exposed. You are seen in the light of His countenance and greatly loved. You will find joy in standing in the light without shame. You will find joy in discerning your true stature and finding a father and a grandfather within the Body to form you. 

2018 is a year where the Lord will show you those who have more stature than you do — and show you who is your father. 

2018 is a year where you will submit to formation. You will let yourself be formed by a father and a grandfather. 

2018 is a year where you will grow in understanding of how to be formed by the words spoken by your true father in the faith. You will no longer seek here and seek there for this teaching and that teaching, this book, that DVD, this ministry, that speaker to feed your head with insights in a relationship that is no relationship. But you will seek the teaching, instruction, rebuke, discipline, forming, shaping, encouragement and the modeling of a true father. You will hear his words, take them into you and be formed. 

2018 is a year where the church will begin to model, imprint, imitate and be formed by fathers and the mysteries of the Kingdom will begin to be revealed. 

2018 is a year where every cultural fear or reaction to the words “to model, to follow, to imprint, to imitate and to be formed by” will break off your repentant heart and a spirit of understanding will be given to you. In 2018 you will begin to know this first mystery of the Kingdom. 

2018 is a year where you will hear, obey, be formed by the word of your father and mature. You will begin to become sensitive, awake and alert to their words. You will understand how to take them into your inner being and cooperate with the shaping and formation process. As you do, the Lord will rise within you. The atmosphere around you will begin to shift. Many of you will see the beginnings of bubbles forming around the edges of your sphere. For many of you it will be a year of the budding of God’s presence in your sphere. Where you have been a barren tree, you will begin to bud. Where the Lord’s presence has been absent in your corporate environment, you will begin to see Him moving. Where the Lord’s presence has been absent in your extended family, you will see Him moving. Where your voice has been muffled and absent in your sphere, you will begin to speak. And just as your ear has turned to be attentive, so will the ears of those in your sphere begin to turn — begin to respond to the voice of the Lord. You will bud with the promise of fruit this year. 

2018 is a year where some of you you will hear, obey, be formed by the word of your father and grandfather in the Body and mature. You will begin to increase in actual stature and begin to walk in authority. As you do — the Lord will rise upon you. And you will shine. You will shine in your home. You will shine in your neighbourhood, in your extended family, in your corporate environment. The atmosphere around you will begin to shift. Some of you will see the fire of and authentic presence of God increase — causing a rolling boil in the sphere of your life. Some will experience conflict in their sphere as strongholds shake and begin to lose their grip. But you will be encouraged as you see the shaking. You will say, “God is here and HE IS THE KING OF ALL .”

2018 is a year some where you will hear, obey, be formed by the word of your father and your grandfather in the Body and mature. You will increase in stature, walking in authentic authority. As you do, the Lord will rise upon you. His glory will be seen in the church, in your home, in your neighborhood, in your corporate environment and from afar. You will see the heavens over the sphere of your life be torn apart. You will walk in agreement with Christ. You will walk with Christ Himself. You will say to all “Christ, Himself is here because I am here.” Your name will bring fear to the enemy. You will be known in the gates of hell. You will speak to the north, “give them up”… to the south “give them up”…to the east “give them up”…to the west “give them up”…and sons will begin to stream toward you from afar. They will be released from bondage and gather to you. You will see deliverance and salvation come to many THIS YEAR! Make room. Make room. Make room. Many will come in this year!