CTK 2020 - 2021 School year registration Information

A LETTER from Pastor shelley

Dear Parents,

Christ the King Homeschool has just completed its seventh year and we are feeling the wonderful pressure of our growth. Our numbers have continued to increase pushing some of our classes to capacity, and family schedules are buzzing with the activity of homeschooling. Wow! Flexibility has become a CTK standard to respond creatively to the expansion and busier schedule. In the Spring, this flexibility went to a whole new plane with the shut-down due to COVID-19. Everyone embraced the challenge and jumped in to learn online communication tools to keep the pace of our learning. These recent circumstances have taught us how well a homeschool collective can adapt to respond to the challenges of the times without compromising our vision for excellence in education. If we have to adjust again during the next school year, we will be ready to step back into online learning and other creative tools to continue moving forward with our goals.

I am thankful to Jesus, our Savior and King, for the wonderful grace He has generously given us, enabling us to be malleable and responsive to change in the midst of this unusual season. He intentionally designed us for such a time as this. So, while the future may feel uncertain, we nevertheless move forward to prepare for the start of the next school year. The CTK Handbook and Registration Information has been refreshed and updated, and you’ll need to read through this before you register your child for the new school year. This handbook contains all the nuts and bolts of our operation and our pricing. It also includes links to important brief podcasts so you can hear the motivations behind our policies. I encourage you to give those a listen so you become as convinced as we are about what we do. To register for CTK, click here.

If you need to have a conversation about CTK, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. It’s pure joy for me to share about this work of Jesus.

Pastor Shelley

Head of School

Registration & Handbook Information

Registration Dates: June 8 - July 19

Click here to access the 2020 -2021 Handbook

Click here to register for the 2020 -2021 CTK School Year

For any questions regarding CTK Registration or the CTK Handbook, please email: Christ the King